Buddhas Art World is a reputed Indian art dealing organization established in the year 2002 catering to art lovers across the globe, be it paintings or sculptures by artists from all over India.

Everybody appreciates art. But not many can acquire them due to shortage and unavailability of these "original works". Keeping this in mind we at Buddhas Arts World have always endeavored to make it possible for artists to reach out to the ordinary man, who can now enjoy art at home or at work at an affordable price.

At our online art gallery we have showcased a "limited edition portfolio" of various renowned Indian artists. These are prints of the original artwork, signed and numbered by the artists (of the originals) themselves, thus making them collectors' items. The prints are also available on canvas, making them as good as the originals. Again, it's a limited edition, an investment for a lifetime, at a surprisingly low cost.

  1. Objectives

    Buddha, the only legendary over 2555 years, known as a Super Scientist of human minds, The best teacher of the world, The inventor of Mudras, The founder of Vipassana meditation & The symbol of peace. His teachings are based on science, compassion & fraternity.
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  2. Indian History of Buddha

    Buddha was born at ‘Lumbini’ (Now the place is in Nepal) as prince of ‘Shakya’ Dynasty 2555 years ago in Indian Continent. He was nurtured & brought up as the future king without any hitch or hardship. He married to Yashodhara from ‘Koliya’ Dynasty giving birth to son ‘Rahul’.
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  3. Inspiration for Buddhas Art World

    With this perennial inspiration from Buddha with immense gratitude source we would like to express towards the noble work of the Legend for betterment & wellbeing of the society.We are committed to take the message of humanity to the commonest person in the form of Art & Craft.
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